Rahul K, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Successful Capital Ventures was founded by Rahul in 2006 after long stints with ERP leaders like Oracle. Born and educated in Hyderabad, India, he decided to cater to the growing demand for premium resources and services capabilities in the ERP domain.

Rahul’s focus is to grow Successful Capital Ventures into a coveted technology services partner by his clients. That culture is ingrained in all the staff at Successful Capital Ventures. With his vision and leadership, he successfully led the company through phenomenal growth over the past 10 years, and is poised to double its growth by 2020 again.

Bala Chitteti –Vice President-Talent on Demand

Bala Chitteti is a business management graduate with over 15 years of managing R&D operations. He currently oversees Successful Capital Ventures's staffing and staff augmentation services, helping the division grow past 400 people in the past 5 years. He also leads the India development center based in Hyderabad. He is an accomplished leader with strong competencies in Human Resources Consulting and Staffing services. Bala brings strong operations expertise and orchestration skills that help Successful Capital Ventures with matching the right resources for each client and project, ensuring the success of every deployment.

Ranjan Roy Chowdhury – Director

Ranjan Roy Chowdhury is the sales and marketing head at Successful Capital Ventures and is focused on strong engagement with each and every client of Successful Capital Ventures. He has helped the growth of Successful Capital Ventures by gaining a foothold in an extremely competitive market, and through strong relationships with our clients. He is an accomplished system analyst/business analyst for more than a decade and has comprehensive knowledge in finance, retail, IT & hospitality. Ranjan is a management graduate from the Southern New Hampshire University.